How long does it take? How much does it cost?

It takes two or three business days for most orders (10 pages or fewer). We have a $5/page discount if you're in no hurry and can give us a couple weeks, or a $50/page surcharge if you're desperate to get it by tomorrow. (We're closed Saturday, Sunday, and U.S. holidays.)

As far as cost, our rates are based on the number of words per page of your document, since more words means more work. To keep things simple, we have three price tiers: $30/page, $50/page and $70/page.

You can actually count words to figure out your tiers, but we just glance at them and compare them visually. We've provided sample photos below to help you choose. Just give it your best guess, and we'll be back in touch if we disagree. Two-sided pages count twice, though many documents just have stamps on the back that aren't relevant to the end user and don't need translation. Your order can include any mix of pages in various price tiers.

(Tip: If you're viewing these samples on your smartphone, turn it sideways so there's enough room to show their captions.)

$30 TIER (low word count, under 150 words): most drivers licenses, passports, ID cards, diplomas, health exam letters and apostilles (when you've already obtained your own apostille)

$50 TIER (medium word count, 150 to 350 words): most birth, death and marriage certificates, vehicle titles, criminal background checks, powers of attorney and affidavits

$70 TIER (high word count, over 350 words): most legal-sized court orders, transcripts with fine print, divorce decrees, and tightly-packed forms with complex tables

If it's during business hours CST, you can always use the chat window in the lower right corner of your screen to get one our customer service reps to help you put your document into the right price tier.